WiSub’s patented award-winning underwater microwave-based connector solutions have proven to be a disruptive solution creating new possibilities for the subsea industry. Maelstrom is designed with flexible mounting and a transparent Ethernet interface.

Comparative Advantages

WiSub pinless connectors transfer data through seawater at much higher data rates than many other existing non-contact subsea communications methods, being based on high-speed, high-frequency microwave electronics vs. low-frequency RF, inductive or acoustic technologies. WiSub pinless connectors are unaffected by acoustic disturbance, or by turbidity and marine growth that might affect optical systems. Electronics and tranducers are optimized for through-water transmissions. Low-frequency inductive power transfer and high-frequency data transfer solutions peacefully co-existing without interference.

Flexible Operational Tolerances

WiSub pinless connectors overcome sub-millimeter tolerances to offer centimeter tolerances on your subsea connection applications, enabling subsea solutions never before possible with pinned connectors.


Optional Latch and ROV Handle

Rotational Alignment Tolerance

Angular Misalignment Tolerance POWER

Angular Misalignment Tolerance DATA

Cross Axis Tolerance POWER

Cross Axis Tolerance DATA

Gap Tolerance POWER

Gap Tolerance DATA


Stronger Together

WiSub has developed solutions in partnership with industry, academia and government. If our products do not match your current needs, please contact us with your requirements and perhaps learn what’s coming down the line. Development of next-generation product is ongoing.



DATA TRANSFER (microwave link)
Power requirements 1W minimum, 1.5W peak
Input voltage 24 vdc
Data rate 100 Mbpsw
Data type Ethernet and Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485)a
Seawater gap 0 to 50 mm b
POWER TRANSFER (inductive link)
Power output c 48 W
Voltage c 24 vdc IN, 24 vdc OUT
Distance 0 to 10 mm
Weight in air (without cable) 1.3 kg
Weight in water 1.1 kg
Housing Aluminium u
Encapsulation Epoxy and Polyurethane r
Handling options Latches, guide cones, ROV handles m
w Bandwith is shared between data types; maximum serial baudrate 230 kbps
a Options can include video or alternative customer-specified data format
b Greater distance is possible with decreased data throughput, up to 60 mm at 10 Mbps. Note that water salinity level and temperature will affect transmission distance; figures listed for gap performance are only approximate.
c Power transfer solution is customised to specific applications. WiSub Maelstrom™ 48 Watt pinless wet-mate connector pictured on top of page
u Customer-specified materials for housing are possible including Acetal, 316SS, beryllium copper and titanium
r Alternative encapsulations available e.g. atmospheric or PBOF (pressure-balanced, oil-filled) with DC200 silicone oil
m Call +47 56 123 800 to discuss available options and your specific application



Have a look at Torden, which is equipped with the same data link but delivers 24 VDC power to 1000 Watts


Sporting WiSub’s patented high-speed data connection and resonant, gap-tolerant 250 Watt power transfer @ 24 vdc, Fonn can be the solution to your existing connection problems, or the enabler for new value-generating and cost-saving innovations.