In May 2017, WiSub received a Spotlight award for their Torden™ High Power Pinless Subsea Connector.

Recipients of the prestigious Spotlight on New Technology® award are selected by a committee of industry experts. The award is presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the offshore energy industry’s premier, global event.

To be considered for the Spotlight on New Technology award, technology must meet four key criteria. Winning technologies must be:

  1. New and Innovative; specifically, they must be less than two years old and be original and ground-breaking.
  2. The technology must also be Proven either through full-scale application or successful prototype testing.
  3. It must further have Broad Interest, applicable to a wide segment of the industry.
  4. Finally, a Spotlight award winner must represent Significant Impact, providing significant benefits beyond existing technologies.

WiSub receives further distinction as a Small Business competing for the award against other worthy innovations developed by large international enterprises.

Facts and unique features of the Torden innovation:
  • 1000 Watts at 24 volts direct current in & out
  • Large 0-to-10 mm gap mating tolerances achieved through pioneering tuning algorithms
  • Resonant inductive power transfer
  • Reliable & efficient output voltage regulation, obviating need for batteries
  • High power density: 130mm diameter coil delivering high power transfer in an extremely small area
  • Adapted from innovations in electric car industry
  • Applies WiSub’s patented 100 Mbps underwater pinless data transfer
More information about Torden.


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