International Collaboration for Optimisation of ROV Operations

Two Norwegian companies have embarked on development and testing of a new underwater power & data connection system that will reduce cost and improve efficiency of vessel-based offshore ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) operations.

DOF Subsea, a leading provider of integrated subsea services and WiSub, an innovative subsea solutions company, have begun cooperation on the development and testing of WiSub’s pinless connection systems in an international initiative to set a new standard in subsea connection.

WiSub patented, award-winning pinless connection systems deliver power and data electromagnetically across a seawater gap, relaxing mating tolerances and eliminating short-circuit possibilities. Connection and reconfiguration of ROV systems can be performed both on-deck and at the subsea work site. The absence of pins allows unlimited mating cycles even while powered.

– “We look forward to working with WiSub on this innovative and exciting technology.” said Frode Eidheim, Managing Director of DOF Subsea Norway AS “We already see many areas where our operations can be made simpler, safer and more cost effective using this technology and the clients we have spoken to share that view”

The use of pinless connections also increases dive time and reduces transit time through the water column, creating not only gains in efficiency but also gains in safety; a lower number of required launch and recovery cycles reduces personnel risk offshore. There is also an environmental advantage to pinless electrical connection as it facilitates the evolution away from hydraulic connections and towards subsea electrification, offering inherently cleaner and more energy-efficient operations.

– “We’re excited to be collaborating with DOF Subsea to develop a standard for connection subsea, which we see as a key enabler for the optimization and eventual automation of the subsea factory. This direct collaboration sharpens our focus and will help ensure that we meet client expectations from our products,” said Mark Bokenfohr, CEO of WiSub.